Full Circle Aggregates carries a variety of high-quality sand products. We understand that, in your business, time is money – that’s why we strive to move your trucks in and out as quickly and safely as possible. Our loaders are equipped with scale systems to help ensure accurate loads. (Loader operators can be reached on CB channel 19.) Our operating experience over the past 30 years allows us to operate very efficiently, and provide you a top-grade consistent product.

Our sand, fill, gravel, and more are DOT-approved.Full Circle Aggregates is on the Qualified Products List for South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). We test our sand regularly to make sure all of our products stay within DOT specifications. Our meticulous dewatering process removes the most minute amounts of extra liquid from the product – so you’re purchasing sand, not water.

For each product shown, you’ll find the latest laboratory testing results. Gradation reports are also sent out to our customers on a regular basis.

We also offer discounted pricing for volume sales; please contact us for information.

Our Products

Our clean fill material is DOT-approved.

Fill Sand

Our concrete sand is Department of Transportation approved.

Concrete Sand

Surge Stone

Crushed Concrete

Colors may vary as natural deposits change. Price subject to change without notice. All sales are final.

Please contact our office with any questions at
(803) 439-9712
to set up a visit to visually inspect products.

DOT-certified in both SC and GA

We are compliant with all Georgia Department of Transportation guidelines.
We are compliant with all South Carolina Department of Transportation guidelines.