June 01 2016 0comment

New Website

Welcome to the new Full Circle Aggregates website! This is an exciting time for our team here in Graniteville, SC (located just a few miles northeast of Augusta, GA), as our aggregates business has rapidly grown. We want to keep you up-to-date on all of our endeavors (the latest “dirt,” if you will) at Full Circle, so we created a News section to do just that. For our first blog, we turned to owner Ryan Williams to share his thoughts on the aggregates industry, as well as Full Circle’s passion for providing the absolute best sand possible.

“As my family began mining back in the 1980s, I was a young boy and, to me, soils were just different shades of dirt. But as time has progressed and years have gone by, I’ve learned that there’s a whole lot more that defines sand than simply its color. Having the perfect sand depends on a myriad of factors – starting with how it was placed on this earth many, many years ago. Did oceans deposit it? Rivers and tributaries? I’m no geologist, so I couldn’t tell you for certain. But I can tell you our deposit here at Rainbow Falls is an alluvial deposit, meaning that it was deposited by a river system. When did this take place? Well, I can’t rightly answer that either, but it was a long time ago! With the sand that was deposited on our property so many years ago, we got lucky in several ways. First, because of the eye-pleasing light tan color of the grains of sand. Secondly, in the gradation of the sand that was left behind. You see, many different grain sizes are needed in order to have a well-balanced aggregate. You don’t want too many small grains, nor do you want too many big grains. Instead, you want a well-graded mix of all different sizes. Full Circle is fortunate to naturally have a good mix of varying sizes. Our sand also happens to be very hard, durable, and clean – with hardly any organic matter or the heavy clays which can be detrimental to concrete design mix. We have built a laboratory dedicated solely to the study and quality control of our sand – and we test it daily to ensure that our sand is of the highest quality. For example, our concrete sand consistently tests very high in all respective areas, including AA-1 sand (meaning you can feel even more confident driving over an overpass if our sand was used in the mix!). We are very proud of our sand, and we stand behind it 100%. We would love to send you a sample or, if you like, even arrange a tour of our facility. And, on behalf of all of us here at Full Circle Aggregates, we sure do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit our new website!”